No Sexism At DC

A Sample Letter To A Retailer

Here’s a copy of an email I just sent to the owner of the shops I buy my comics from, edited to preserve privacy. Please feel free to use it as a template for a letter to your retailer, if you choose to reduce the number of DC titles on your pull list.


Subject: DC Comics and the behavior of its executives
From: [Edited]
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 13:57:13 -0500
To: [Edited]

Dear [Edited],

We’ve corresponded briefly in the past, usually because I was praising your company’s outstanding commitment to customer service and dedicated, conscientious employees who solved problems for me. You have a fantastic organization staffed with exceptional people and you should be proud of that.

I am writing because a number of reports of DC executives treating San Diego Comic Con attendees disrespectfully have surfaced, all of them sufficiently similar to indicate that DC is demonstrating a pronounced gender bias in hiring creators for what many Web sites are calling the DCnU. Before the reboot, female creators constituted roughly 12% of DC creators. That percentage is now less than 2%. Furthermore, Dan DiDio reportedly said “We want the best creators on our books, who should we have hired?” (source:

Pia Guerra won an Eisner Award and was part of the team that won a Harvey Award for “Y: The Last Man.” Jill Thompson and Becky Cloonan are both Eisner-winning artists who have worked for DC. There are more Eisner Award-winning female creators who have never worked for DC, and yet the DCnU creative team is overwhelmingly male and many of those creators haven’t even been nominated for awards at all, much less awards as prestigious as the Eisners and Harveys.

As a direct result of the behavior of DC’s executives at Comic Con, I reduced my DC pull list from 26 titles to 10 last night. When September begins, that total will likely drop further to six, and when “DMZ” is finished, to five.

The DC portion of my pull list had a total monthly cover cost of $74.75. In September, my DC comics would have cost $50.83, before accounting for $3.99 comics and comics that I was likely to add, such as “Aquaman,” “Stormwatch,” “Frankenstein: Agent Of SHADE” and “Justice League Dark.” As it is, I expect that I will now be spending no more than, and likely less than, $17.94 on DC comics, supporting creator-owned and children’s books, as well as the fantastic Amy Reeder, one of the three female creators in the new DC, because of the disrespectful way in which Dan DiDio and other DC executives treated their customers in a public forum.

The rest of my pull list will remain the same, but the way Dan DiDio and other DC executives behaved at San Diego Comic Con and treated customers is unacceptable. Since DC representatives seem to do everything in their power to avoid hearing public opinion, I’m sharing this with you, DC’s business partner, to let you know the effect of their actions. If you can pass this message along to someone at DC who will read it, I would appreciate that since they should also know that actions have consequences, and their executives’ actions has caused me to drop almost all of my DC titles.

Thank you for your time.



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