No Sexism At DC

Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

My DC pull list consisted of the following titles:

  • "Action Comics"
  • "Adventure Comics"
  • "Batgirl"
  • "Batman"
  • "Batman And Robin"
  • "Batman, Incorporated"
  • "Birds Of Prey"
  • "Detective Comics"
  • "DMZ"
  • "Doc Savage"
  • "Flash"
  • "Flashpoint"
  • "Gotham City Sirens"
  • "Green Arrow"
  • "I, Zombie"
  • "Justice League Of America"
  • "Justice Society Of America"
  • "Legion Of Super-Heroes"
  • "Power Girl"
  • "Superboy"
  • "Superman"
  • "T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents"
  • "Tiny Titans"
  • "Unwritten"
  • "Wonder Woman"
  • "Zatanna"

The DC portion of my pull list cost $74.75 per month. Nine of the titles will not run after September, meaning that the DC portion of my pull list would have cost $50.83, before factoring in the titles that DC will charge $3.99 for, and planning to add a handful of titles scheduled to begin in September, such as “Batwoman,” “Justice League Dark,” “Stormwatch,” “Frankenstein: Agent Of SHADE” and “Aquaman.”

Last night, I canceled “Action Comics,” “Adventure Comics,” “Batman,” “Batman And Robin,” “Batman, Incorporated,” “Birds Of Prey,” “Doc Savage,” “Flash,” “Flashpoint,” “Gotham City Sirens,” “Green Arrow,” “Justice League Of America,” “Legion Of Super-Heroes,” “Superboy,” “Superman” and “Zatanna,” representing an immediate savings of $44.85 in August, in addition to any savings today.

I’ll continue subscribing to “Batgirl” until Bryan Q. Miller’s final issue of Stephanie Brown’s adventures is released, I’ll finish out Snyder’s run on “Detective Comics,” “DMZ” is creator-owned, “I, Zombie” is creator-owned, “Justice Society Of America” is ending, “Power Girl” is ending, “T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents” is ending, I order “Tiny Titans” for my little girl, “Unwritten” is creator-owned, and I may still order “Wonder Woman,” again for my little girl.

In September, I’m likely to get “DMZ,” “Unwritten,” “I, Zombie,” “Tiny Titans,” “Batwoman” and “Wonder Woman,” for a total of $17.94. Three creator-owned titles, one children’s title, and two books led by strong women (one of which is co-illustrated by the amazing Amy Reeder) who, presumably, will appear either dead center or off-center on the cover. I will not, however, be continuing other titles or adding “Aquaman,” “Frankenstein: Agent Of SHADE,” “Stormwatch” (a title I collected nearly every issue of) or “Justice League Dark,” nor will I add other titles that seemed interesting, as I was planning to do.

Tonight, I went from 26 DC titles on my pull list to 10. Three of those will be done in August. Three of them will continue in September, but I will only continue with one. Three are creator-owned. One is for my little girl. I will be writing a letter to the comic retailer who supplies my comics to explain why, and ask them to let DC know that their executives’ behavior and comments directly caused this change in my pull list and this decrease in both DC and the comics retailer’s revenues.

Involving business partners as part of activism makes sense, because they can bring additional economic pressure to bear on an organization. We have seen this in the past, when organizations boycott advertisers who allow ads to run on a television network or program and those advertisers pull their advertising - and financial support - from the network or program.

In addition, providing the business partner with written documentation and a clear, direct, financial explanation of how DC’s behavior affects them allows comics retailers to send those letters to DC.

DC may try to avoid criticism from fans and people who are concerned about the changes, but it’s far more difficult to avoid the issue when business partners begin sharing that concern.

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